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Press release

15th Moscow Art Fair
Art Manege 2010

1 to 5 December
Manege Central Exhibition Hall
1 Manege Square, Moscow
Preview: 1 December from 5 to 9 pm

The largest display of contemporary art from the best Russian and foreign art galleries will take place this year again in the Manege Central exhibition hall with more than 80 galleries participating. Suffice it to say that last year nearly 40,000 people attended the Art Manege.
A wide array of contemporary visual arts will be presented: paintings, graphic works, and sculpture. Featured at the fair are museum artists such as Pyotr Konchalovsky, Robert Falk, Alexander Deineka, Yuri Pimenov, Ernst Neizvestny, Vladimir Nemukhin, Oscar Rabin, Oleg Tselkov; modern classics such as Anatoly Slepyshev, Tatiana Nazarenko, Natalia Nesterova, Aron Bukh; and some celebrities of the later years such as Vadim Zakharov, Mikhail Ukhov, Andrei Filipov, Konstantin Zvezdochetov, Andrei Bartenev, to name a few.

Art Manege has been consistently promoting contemporary art for many years now, emphasizing the fact of its unbreakable connection with the traditional Russian art. We wish to attract public attention to contemporary art and we have always taken the public opinion into consideration. Art Manege, as one of the largest events in the Moscow art life, while solving its own specific tasks, also contributes to the task of returning visual arts to its main connoisseur – the public.
The special exhibition of the Tambov picture gallery may very well serve as a signature tune for the whole fair as it marks the main periods in the Russian 20th-century art. Some famous artists will be represented by their less-known works, which are not typical for their manner. These are paintings by Falk, Deineka, Konchalovsky, Pimenov, and Gerasimov. The Tambov Gallery’s gift to the public is the first display of Nikolai Otnyakin, a Tambov artist of the 1930s.

Abstract Art

Abstract art, the main artistic discovery of the 20th century, is represented by several striking projects.
The project “Man as Uomo Introspettivo” (The Inner Man.) At the start of the 21st century the conflict between the internal and external in man comes to the foreground both in art and in other areas of human activity. The authors of the “Uomo Introspettivo” project are missionaries and champions of abstract language in art. They draw on the cultural and spiritual heritage of Eastern Slavs (icon painting, hermitage, hesychast) and also on the traditions of the world avant-garde and the finest samples of the non-conformist art of the Soviet period.

The work of Omar Chkheidze is an important contribution to the abstract trend in contemporary Russian art. In his works he abandons any ties with objects and forms which gives him unbounded freedom of self-expression and helps him to convey his inimitable vision of the spiritual universe. He transforms light into colors and arranges them harmoniously in the space of his canvases. The artist’s new works are filled with sacral meanings and carry the spirit of awakening, enlightenment and love.
“CultProject” gallery presents an exhibition of Sergei Yakunin “Search for Conditional Equilibrium. Druskin, Lipavsky, Oleinikov, Vvedensky, Kharms and others.” Sergei Yakunin has long been attracted to the books of the absurd. The objects he creates combine the literary context with sculptural forms executed with the construction expediency, which follow the romantic traditions laid down by such masters of the Russian design as Vladimir Tatlin and Alexander Rodchenko. In the international art context they tend towards the innovations of the Dadaists and the Surrealists.
“Art Quarter” gallery will show “Premonition”, a project-warning about glamorous life: a glamour project. Maxim Bashev’s central picture openly quotes Raphael’s “Madonna and Child”.
“Studio-30” presents the project “The Other Geometry” in which Lilia Balasanova and Sergei Kolevatykh look at the theme of new reality. The image of the modern-day mega-city as a cross-section of many trends and dramatic collisions appears here in various unexpected aspects. The artists focus on penetrating both the virtual as well as the real space, which is no less fantastic.

20th-century Art

Traditionally 20th century art is amply represented at Art Manege to say nothing of the 1960s art that invariably gets particular attention. “Gallery on the Gogolevsky” prepared an extensive collection of the most important names such as Ilya Kabakov, Ernst Neizvestny, Oscar Rabin, Oleg Tselkov, Victor Pivovarov, Vladimir Nemukhin, Anatoly Zverev, Alexander Kharitonov, Dmitry Krasnopevtsev, Dmitry Plavinsky, Boris Sveshnikov, and Vladimir Yakovlev.
The project “Way In and Way Out” presents the contemporary part of Mikhail Alshibai’s collection largely consisting of the non-conformist art works of the 1960s. His collection of contemporary art demonstrates the continuity of the art process. The majority of the avant-garde artists of the late 20th century followed and enriched the earlier traditions without even being aware of it. This is why the point of departure, “way in”, is Mikhail Roginsky’s “Door”, while the road to the new times is paved by Oleg Kulik, Dmitry Gutov, Sergei Shutov, Avdei ter-Oganian, Vladislav Mamyshev (Monro), and as a “way out” Alshibai displays some young artists concluding the exhibition with the young Polina Bortina’s “Door”.
This year Art Manege presents some works from the famous collection of the recently deceased art critic Ksenia Bogemskaya (1947-2010). For many years Bogemskaya took part in the organization of Art Manege fairs, she was its curator, and often displayed various works from her unique collection mainly devoted to naïve art, boasting such names as Pavel Leonov, Katya Medvedeva, Elena Volkova, Vassily Romanenkov, and Alevtina Pyzhova. Her collection also includes a number of primitive works from the early 20th century, and some paintings by Yakovlev and Roginsky.

Foreign Galleries at Art Manege

Among the foreign galleries from France, Italy, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, and Austria, one of the most interesting is Energenesi Art Gallery presenting Gianfranco Meggiato and Vincenzo Balsamo, their first appearance in Russia. The sculptor Gianfranco Meggiato is one of the most famous and best-selling in Italy and his works have been highly rated by the major critics. The sculptor’s clients include Silvio Berluscone, the famous composer Ennio Morricone, socco players from the Inter Club, the designer Fendi, and many other celebrities.
La galerie IO ILLY from France presents the neo-rock abstract art by IO ILLY based on four human feelings and three main sources of inspiration: the abstract art of Kandinsky, French Impressionism, and the primitive rock painting.
CAX Art Studio from the Netherlands bravely combines various styles and trends creating unusual installations out of sculpture, painting, and photography. At this year Art Manege they will show works by the Russian sculptor Sergei Khorikov.
This time Bulgaria will present the artist Pavel Mitkov. The Austrian gallery is exhibiting artists from over 70 different international art fairs not only in Europe as well as in China.

St Petersburg and Environs

The Moscow gallery “TNK ART” will display the art of the provinces in their project “Symphony of Colors” featuring such outstanding artists as Vladimir Sevostyanov, Leonid Malafeevsky, Vladimir Khamkov, Victor Dynnikov, Victor Kuvin, Victor Fomyuk, to name a few. The TNK ART’s principal task in promoting Russian artists is to show the unique features of provincial art schools and immerse the Moscow audience into their many-voiced harmonious world of colors, as well as to spotlight the artistic distinctiveness of each artist working in the traditions of classical Russian art.
This year the art of St Petersburg is widely represented at Art Manege. Eight galleries from the northern capital are bringing works of various trends. The stand of “Art Holding of Tatiana Nikitina” will offer paintings by Tatiana Parfenova, a world famous design star from St Petersburg, and also some expressionistic paintings by the Brasilian artist Gores Machado.
The “Montmartre” gallery presents the project “New Life” uniting works by the St Petersburg artists Alexandra Ovchinnikova and Pavel Antipov, and the sculptor Svetlana Melnichenko.
The project “Petersburg Bridges” from the gallery “Art Object” aims at demonstrating a curious cross-section of the St Petersburg art scene by showing those bridges, which connect the city’s contemporary art with the tradition of the Leningrad school.
The gallery “Ars Longa” and the “Moscow-St Pete” gallery actively promote the St Petersburg artists Latif Kazbekov, Valery Lukka, Andrei Pakhomov, Konstantin Chmutin, Anatoly Sidorov, and Svetlana Zadorina.

Photo and Special Projects at Art Manege

The artist and traveler Yuri Beloivan is presenting his project “Other People”. His photo story is about the differences and similarities among human beings. Seven billion people are currently living on our planet. They are neither good nor bad, they are simply different, not the same as you and me.
The charitable foundation “Make a Gift of Life” organizes a special project at Art Manege. It is called “We live on this earth” and is devoted to the social and psychological rehabilitation of children who had recovered from mortal diseases. The project has collected photographs by these children reflecting their view of the world.

During the fifteen years since the launch of Art Manege a long road has been traversed. Most varied artists and art galleries took part, including those who consider themselves to be modern-day avant-garde. For many of them Art Manege was their starting point.

Art Manege continues to be open to all the trends in art, to any daring projects and new names.

Contact info: (495) 692-37-39;
Olga Marutian, Irina Meleshkevich