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The 15th Moscow Art Fair ART MANEGE 2010

1-5 December 2010

Terms of participation


Applications will be considered by the Organizing Committee by 10 September 2010.

Terms and deadlines for payments

Module dimensions: 24, 30, 45, 60 sq m.

Price for modular standard furnished exhibition space: 180 euro per sq m.

Catalogue insertion: 400 euro.

Furnished exhibition space includes walls (h 3.20m ), 5 overhead lamps, one table, two chairs, standard banner with the name of the gallery.


Exhibitors must remit payment for the entry in the general catalogue and 50% cost of the stand till 25 September 2010.

Full payment for exhibiting at the ART MANEGE 2010 must be made before 25 Oktober 2009.


Additional equipment and technical support are provided for separate payment. Specific services should be agreed upon beforehand with the technical support section at the Organising Comittee of the fair before 1 November 2010.


Information on the Catalogue


One spread in the catalogue represents one exhibitor and contains information about the exhibitor and illustrations (1-2 images) located on the left-side and right-side pages. The text should be in Russian, (English). Information in the catalogue is reproduced in full conformity with the forms filled in by the exhibitor. Apart from the gallery’s name and address, the name and surname of the director, and the list of artists represented by the gallery, the catalogue may include additional information (but not more than 50 words) of the exhibitor’s own choice, for example, year of foundation, main principles of art policy, list of past and future exhibitions, etc.

Catalogue insertion: 400 euro.

Deadline for submitting materials for the catalogue: 25 September 2010.


Information on the fair schedule

The 15th Moscow Art Fair ART MANEGE 2010

takes place on 1 - 5 December 2010.

Location: Manege Exhibition Hall, 1 Manege Square, Moscow


Mounting the stands: 01 December, from 8 am till 4 pm

Preview: 01 December, from 5 pm till 10 pm

Open for the public: 02-04 December, from noon till 9 pm

05 December, from noon till 8 pm

Dismantling: 05 December, from 8 pm till 12 pm


Each exhibitor is entitled to two copies of the catalogue for each insertion, 30 invitations to preview of the ARTMANEGE 2010 and five badges for the stand staff.

A list of vehicles for the mounting of the exposition and a list of gallery employees working on the stand (with their passport information) and of the artists to be present at the stand during the fair should be submitted 7-10 days in advance.

According to the Agreement, the project presented at the stand cannot be changed by the exhibitor without prior written approval by the Organizing Committee.

Applications for the participation in the fair are accepted till 1 September 2010

Please carefully fill in the attached application forms. The properly filled in package of documents should be accompanied by the catalogues, flyers and other promotional materials related to the activities of your gallery.

Additional information is available from the Organizing Committee of the ART MANEGE 2010 located at 3/3 Georgiyevsky Lane, 125009 Moscow

Tel: +7 495 692 3739